The NODE.Health Digital Medicine Conference, With Jay Erickson, Brian Van Winkle, and Shahid Shah

Brian Van Winkle, MBA, focuses on transforming health care by accelerating the adoption of digital technologies throughout the ecosystem. He is the executive director for NODE.Health, a nonprofit with a mission to combine the rigor of evidence-based medicine with emerging health care technologies to help create evidence-based digital medicine. Brian also runs an innovation center for Johns Hopkins focused on connecting physicians with promising technologies and solutions to solve real problems. Brian has spent 10 years in health care consulting with expertise in strategy design, process improvement implementation, and complex transformation at some of the biggest health care systems in the world. Jay Erickson is a founding partner and Health and Wellness lead at Modus, a digital product studio, and serves on the executive board of NODE.Health. As a cancer survivor and lifelong technologist, he works at the intersection of patient advocacy and digital health, using human-centered design methods to improve experiences and outcomes. Shahid N. Shah is an internationally recognized and influential health care IT thought leader who is known as The Healthcare IT Guy across the internet. He is a technology strategy consultant to many federal agencies and winner of Federal Computer Weeks coveted Fed 100 award given to IT experts that have made a big impact in the government. Shahid has architected and built multiple clinical solutions over his almost 24-year career. He helped design and deploy the American Red Crosss electronic health record solution across thousands of sites; hes built several Web-based electronic medical records now in use by hundreds of physicians; hes designed large groupware and collaboration sites in use by thousands; and, as an ex-CTO for a billion-dollar division of Cardinal Health, he helped design advanced clinical interfaces for medical devices and hospitals. Shahid also serves as a senior technology strategy adviser, helping small businesses commercialize their health care applications. 03:54 What is NODE? 04:33 Filling a void around clinical evidence. 06:09 What would happen if NODE doesnt exist? 06:41 Good vs bad product supply in health care. 08:42 Getting a lot more value out of government funding. 11:13 Connecting problems with solutions and how NODE is helping. 14:16 Getting the framework right within digital technology. 14:30 Designing digital technology from the problem perspective. 15:07 Building a reasonable taxonomy.Shahid 16:11 What we know is were gonna get it wrong.Shahid 16:27 The 3 main things in operationalization. 16:58 How do you go and test a digital health tool?Shahid 17:13 There is a science to testing user experience.Shahid 18:13 We want to say, Heres how you do it.Shahid 18:53 Failure is super important.Jay 20:02 Embrace failure in a healthy way.Jay 22:59 Is the problem itself portable?Shahid 25:23 Mobile technologies and the need to be integration and patient first. 27:07 You have to see across facilities.Shahid 27:54 Multisitejust 2is a thousand times better than 1.Jay