Best Buy to sell more connected fitness devices in-store, online

This morning, consumer tech retailer Best Buy announced that it has expanded its arsenal of connected fitness products for consumers.

Ranging from in-home exercise systems with live classes to smart exercise recovery devices, the new offerings are now available through the retailer’s online storefront, and will also be found in dedicated fitness spaces coming to more than 100 stores before the year’s end.

“We know there’s a growing intersection between fitness and technology, and no one knows tech like we do,” Jason Bonfig, chief merchandising officer at Best Buy, said in a statement. “We’ve promised our customers we’ll help enrich their lives, including their health and wellness, by using technology. This is a great example of how we’re living up to that commitment.”

The retailer highlighted five connected fitness device makers in its announcement. These include:

Flywheel Sports, maker of an indoor cycling machine that displays live and on-demand workout classes; Hydrow, which offers a rowing machine with virtual classes hosted from real-life bodies of water; NordicTrack, which offers a handful treadmills, bikes, rowers and strength training machines supported by a virtual training membership program; NormaTec, maker of a digital compression recovery system; and Hyperice, which produces a range of fitness rollers, massagers, percussion devices, massage balls and other recovery tools. According to the announcement, in-store staff will receive new training to help them win over customers, while its Geek Squad team will handle delivery and installation.