The Gazillion Of Health Data You Can Measure

From SWOLF through EDA until heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, single-lead ECG, period tracking, sleep pattern analyzing: dozens of vital signs demonstrate that there’s no single square centimeter of the human body without quantifiable data. As an experiment, we tried to collect every trackable parameter to draw the boundaries of your “health data self”. Let us know if there’s anything left out.

Why is measurement useful? To know thyself The famous ancient Greek aphorism was inscribed on a wall in the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, the oracle, which was believed to tell humans about the plans of the Gods for the future. But for successfully peeking into the secrets of time to come, the Greeks believed one should know themselves well.

Their wisdom has remained timeless: self-knowledge is still the basis for better life choices – and thus a more predictable future. Luckily, technology offers more and more means to have a clearer picture of the workings of your body so that you can have fitting choices to live a healthier and more balanced life – if you want.

Along these lines, self-knowledge through self-tracking has the ultimate goal to have all that quantified information to be able to improve your lifestyle and your health. What data can we measure about ourselves, you ask? The list must be endless, nevertheless we attempt to incorporate here all the parameters that you can measure about yourself. Are you ready for it?


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