The Transformative Power of Smart Home Technologies

From on-demand voice assistants to tablets that handle manual tasks with a simple touch, smart home technologies are making life easier for everyone.

The global market is set to surpass $100 billion by the end of the year, a report from Strategy Analytics notes, with an 11 percent compound annual growth rate through 2023. It predicts that 6.4 billion smart home devices will be in use by the end of this period. That’s an average of 21 such connected devices per home.

But the tools are far more than a cool feature for the able-bodied: They offer a clear benefit for people with disabilities. Such functions can also boost independence for older adults and reduce safety hazards, such as falling.

As the devices to support them become less costly and more widely available, we’re likely to see these populations remain in their homes longer — or with less assistance — and feel more empowered in common scenarios those without disabilities might take for granted.


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