The Smartwatch: Where Will It Go in 2020?

If there’s one thing the last decade has taught us, it’s that technology is everywhere, influencing every aspect of our lives. More specifically, it’s having an ever-growing impact on the healthcare industry and the delivery of care.

Mobile devices such as tablets are being used as distraction mechanisms and to improve patient experiences. Smart home technology is helping seniors with disabilities to control their lights, thermostats and locks. Even drones are being tested to increase a cardiac arrest victim’s chance of survival.

These tech trends are likely to continue gaining steam in 2020 and throughout the new decade. However, one trend in particular stands out: the growing adoption of smartwatches for clinical use.

A recent report from Research and Markets predicts sales of global wearable devices will exceed $60 billion by 2025, with the smartwatch segment expected to see the highest level of growth and command the market’s largest share.


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