Testing Medical Device Security During COVID-19 Crisis

As manufacturers - including companies such as automakers that do not typically produce healthcare devices - race to help fill medical equipment shortages during the COVID-19 crisis, steps must be taken to ensure adequate security testing, says Fairuz Rafique of cybersecurity services firm EmberSec.

“If a lot of these products are being rushed to be deployed to hospitals - and they’ve rushed the manufacturing process itself … we should be asking if they are performing an adequate level of security testing … since they are supporting human life,” Rafique says in an interview with Information Security Media Group.

In the interview (see audio link below photo), Rafique also discusses:

Supply chain and operational IT security considerations during the COVID-19 response; Security risks faced by temporary healthcare facilities set up to handle coronavirus cases; Cyberthreat trends, including ransomware and phishing attacks, during the COVID-19 crisis. Rafique is governance, risk and compliance practice lead at EmberSec, a cybersecurity consulting firm. He’s Atlanta chapter president for the Control System Cyber Security Association International.


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