Opportunities & pitfalls in healthcare IoT

Evan Dumas, Regional Director, Southeast Asia, Check Point Software Technologies shares his insights on the opportunities and threats of IoT in healthcare, as well tips on preventing ransomware attacks.

A recent report by Vodafone titled Better Health, Connected Health: How 5G and IoT Technology can Transform Health and Social Care found overwhelming support for the introduction and increase of digital technologies in the NHS, including 5G and IoT, as a way of streamlining healthcare and making it more affordable.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is described as a network of physical devices that uses connectivity to enable the exchange of data. In the context of healthcare, IoT, powered by the new and emerging 5G networks, can have potential benefits. These include clinicians using data-intensive augmented reality or virtual reality visualizations to help patients better understand a diagnosis or treatment and technologies that can help a specialist better analyze a patient’s condition.


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