Why COVID-19 Is Forcing Us To Axe The Fax And Embrace Technologies Enabling Better Communication Be…

The COVID-19 pandemic is placing immense pressure across the healthcare system and has highlighted the importance of interoperability and streamlined data exchange between stakeholders. In the current healthcare environment, securely communicating data promptly is more important than ever as the nation continues to manage these unprecedented times.

In recent years, the healthcare industry has seen a significant shift to electronic communication technologies, however many healthcare organizations are still relying on obsolete technologies, such as the fax machine, as the primary method of exchanging health information. As organizations continue to respond to the global pandemic, which is forcing them to adapt at a rapid pace, they can no longer afford to lag in adopting electronic communication solutions by relying on inefficient, fax-heavy processes.

Organizations should look to embrace agile solutions, such as secure messaging – a mechanism for secure health information exchange within a trusted network – which can be implemented across organizations of varying sizes and infrastructures in a timely and cost-effective manner. Dr. James Grue, Director of Analytics, Healthcare Registries, LLC states, “Technology, such as direct secure messaging, is enabling secure, accurate and safe health data exchange while facilitating greater collaboration across the care continuum.”


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