Kaiser Permanente, Mayo Clinic Execs Detail AI Approaches

Lee said he likes to refer to AI as augmented intelligence rather than artificial intelligence, because he thinks of this technology as being a set of tools that assist and augments a physician's ability to care for patients. “It's a lot like other ways that we support physicians with clinical decision support tools; AI just happens to be more advanced and more complex than other types of decision support,” he said. Lee described a number of ways they are using AI at Kaiser Permanente, including use cases related to natural language processing, computer vision, and predictive analytics. And of course, this helps our patients get timely responses to their health concerns,” he said. We know that diabetes is a leading cause of blindness, and considering the number of diabetic patients we have, using a tool that helps us determine whether a patient does or doesn't have diabetic retinopathy can allow us identify retinopathy sooner, which gives us the best chance to prevent someone from going blind.”

Finally, in analytics, Kaiser Permanente has been developing a number of algorithms to help it stratify COVID-positive patients so that they can better anticipate which patients are at highest risk for developing more severe symptoms. “We also have our advanced alert monitoring program, which helps us keep an eye on our hospitalized patients in real time, and predicts which patients are at risk for deteriorating and may require being transferred to the ICU,” Lee explained. With all of these examples, AI is augmenting the care of our physicians and our teams and when combined with clinical judgment, we create the potential for significant improvement in outcomes for our patients as well as efficiencies for our clinicians and our health system as a whole.” That involves EHR data, imaging, telemetry, and patient-reported outcomes data, organized longitudinally and then made available to investigators using what he calls an AI factory. We actually took a couple of years to cleanse the data,” he said. And we de-identified it so there would not be a lot of tricky IRB human subjects or privacy issues around the use of the data, but it is still stored in a secure cloud container with tools on top of it for all of our clinicians and all of our investigators at Mayo Clinic to create models.” “We've also established a variety of collaborations nationally and internationally to test the models to make sure they're fair, unbiased and useful for purpose.”

Atrium Health CISO Todd Greene Joins Semperis as Strategic Advisor

HOBOKEN, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Semperis, a pioneer of identity-driven cyber resilience for enterprises, today announced the addition of Todd Greene, Vice President & Enterprise CISO at Charlotte, North Carolina-based Atrium Health, to its Strategic Advisory Board. Atrium Health participated in Semperis' recent Series C funding round of more than $200 million, led by KKR. In his advisory role, Todd will guide Semperis’ healthcare-specific initiatives and be a strategic resource for customers, including the world’s largest health systems. “Cutting-edge innovation is in Atrium Health’s DNA, and I admire Todd’s long track record of cybersecurity leadership – especially in the areas of threat exchange and research, disaster recovery and customer advocacy.”

Semperis is widely adopted in the healthcare sector, with a focus on protecting critical and persistently targeted identity systems, like Active Directory and Azure AD. Over time, he has been part of the organization’s growth into an integrated, multi-state health provider that now includes Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist, also in North Carolina, and Atrium Health Navicent and Atrium Health Floyd in Georgia. “Cutting-edge innovation is in Atrium Health’s DNA, and I admire Todd’s long track record of cybersecurity leadership – especially in the areas of threat exchange and research, disaster recovery and customer advocacy." Purpose-built for securing hybrid Active Directory environments, Semperis’ patented technology protects over 50 million identities from cyberattacks, data breaches and operational errors. Semperis hosts the award-winning Hybrid Identity Protection conference and podcast series (www.hipconf.com) and built the community hybrid Active Directory cyber defender tools, Purple Knight (www.purple-knight.com) and Forest Druid.

Patient communications IT increases self-pay collections for Hackensack Meridian

Staff also want to give patients all available payment options and the ability to pay their bills 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, using online technology. "We had a statement vendor in place and an online payment solution with another vendor," said Anne Goodwill Pritchett, executive vice president of revenue operations at Hackensack Meridian Health. "For example, we created the look and format of our patient billing statements, but there are times when you have to modify the content," she continued. "We wanted that patient responsibility comment code and the definition of what it means inserted on the statement," she added. "The former vendor couldn't do that." Lastly, Hackensack Meridian wanted a digital image of every statement, so if a patient calls with questions, the customer service team member can pull it up and see exactly what the patient received. "They offered print and mail production and return mail processing, statement archiving, and convenient retrieval of patient communications," she continued. The vendor demonstrated to Hackensack Meridian staff how they could quickly make any statement adjustments or changes and how they'd incorporate personalized messages on patient statements that staff could edit as required. "We also wanted to send patients a letter with their first statement explaining their rights under the No Surprises Act. We gave Nordis the letter, and using Expresso, associated the letter to the patient statement, which printed in-line with the statement itself." In addition to helping revenue operations work more efficiently across the organization, staff have accelerated payments and reduced phone calls, all while enhancing patient satisfaction, Pritchett reported. "Once we began utilizing Nordis and began generating patient statements that were clear and easily understood, and in conjunction with increased payment options, we saw an increase in our self-pay collections. "We'll use Expresso to develop, customize and deliver 1.8 million statements, letters and other patient financial communications this year alone," Pritchett reported.

CareCloud Adds Remote Patient Monitoring to Its Suite of Digital Health Solutions

Remote Patient Monitoring helps providers transition into the next generation of healthcare with new data-driven tools that support proactive care management

SOMERSET, N.J., Sept. 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CareCloud, Inc. (Nasdaq: MTBC, MTBCO, MTBCP), a leader in healthcare technology solutions for medical practices and health systems nationwide, today announced the launch of its Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solution. RPM is the latest addition to the CareCloud Wellness product line, a comprehensive suite of digital health solutions that includes Chronic Care Management (CCM). RPM gives healthcare providers the ability to monitor aspects of their patients’ health outside the clinical setting to proactively improve patient care.

CareCloud’s new RPM solution utilizes electronic devices, connected through cellular technology, to track and document real-time patient health, such as blood pressure or pulse rate. These devices enable providers with a data-driven understanding of a patients’ disease state to proactively support evidence-based clinical decisions and care.

“We are helping practices transition into the next generation of healthcare with the addition of Remote Patient Monitoring to our suite of digital health solutions,” said CareCloud CEO and President Hadi Chaudhry. “The government's focus on value-based care models and the growth of Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) technology is creating a shift from reactive care to proactive data-enabled care driven by physicians. The addition of RPM to our CareCloud Wellness product line will allow practices to re-frame the patient-provider relationship and enhance their delivery of care.”

CareCloud’s RPM solution delivers:

  • A turnkey approach to implementing devices that enhance the delivery of care for chronic conditions without cost to patients or healthcare providers.
  • Devices to capture real-time patient health data that seamlessly integrates into provider systems.
  • System-driven indicators that alert physicians to critical patient readings outside the clinic to proactively drive care to the patient.
  • A dedicated team will execute care plans and patient engagement.
  • Improved revenue opportunities for physicians by participating in the government’s RPM program, without having to expand operations.
  • Enhanced claims processing and reimbursement management when combined with CareCloud’s industry leading revenue cycle management services.

Research suggests the IoMT market will reach $188 billion - a CAGR of nearly 30% by 2028,” Chaudhry continued. “CareCloud’s vision to invest in the development and delivery of the next generation of healthcare, like the IoMT, over the past 20 years has allowed us to provide one of the most comprehensive, end-to-end solutions in the industry. CareCloud reported $5.2 million in organic recurring bookings for the second quarter of 2022, of which approximately one third was from CareCloud Wellness, and said it is expected similar or higher results for the third quarter. We are excited to report we expect to surpass those expectations, with another record quarter for organic bookings*, and look forward to providing additional value to healthcare providers and patients with the launch of RPM.”

To learn more about Remote Patient Monitoring, visit www.carecloud.com/remote-patient-monitoring/.

*Bookings are based on anticipated annual recurring revenues, but actual revenues may vary.

About CareCloud 

CareCloud (Nasdaq: MTBC, MTBCO, MTBCP) brings disciplined innovation to the business of healthcare. Our suite of technology-enabled solutions helps clients increase financial and operational performance, streamline clinical workflows and improve the patient experience. More than 40,000 providers count on CareCloud to help them improve patient care while reducing administrative burdens and operating costs. Learn more about our products and services including revenue cycle management (RCM), practice management (PM), electronic health records (EHR), business intelligence, telehealth and patient experience management (PXM) at www.carecloud.com.

Follow CareCloud on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

SOURCE CareCloud 

Company Contact: 
Bill Korn 
Chief Financial Officer 

Investor Contact: 
Gene Mannheimer 
ICR Westwicke 

Media Inquiries: 
Alexis Feinberg 
ICR Westwicke 


Source: CareCloud, Inc

Released September 29, 2022

Northwell Holdings Announces $3 Million Strategic Investment in Expressive Communication Startup Hume AI to Empower a New Wave of Empathic Healthcare Applications

Hume AI's platform equips researchers and developers with machine learning tools to better understand vocal and nonverbal communication, improving clinical research, clinical practice, and patient outcomes.

Press Release - Sep 29, 2022 12:00 EDT

NEW YORK, September 29, 2022 (Newswire.com) - Northwell Holdings, the for-profit investment arm of Northwell Health, New York State's largest healthcare provider and private employer, today announced a strategic investment of $3 million in Hume AI, a leading expressive communication research lab and technology company. The investment aims to address the growing demand for scientific tools to understand language and nonverbal expression in the healthcare industry. Hume AI plans to use the funding to refine their advanced machine learning models for use in health applications, including clinical research, patient screening, and accessibility technology.

These models, accessible through Hume AI's integrated platform, address a significant shortcoming of natural language understanding (NLU) tools, which convert speech into text. NLU tools overlook how the meaning of speech can be transformed dramatically by its tune, rhythm, and timbre, along with nonverbal utterances such as laughs, sighs, and gasps. Such features are particularly important for understanding health conditions such as pain, major depression, and cognitive impairment. With NLU rapidly being integrated into healthcare applications, Hume AI's platform will enable a more accurate understanding of expressive communication at every step of the patient's journey, from screening to diagnosis and treatment.

"Technologies that draw upon the latest scientific research to help us better understand not just what people say, but how they say it, have profound potential to benefit patients," said Rich Mulry, CEO and President of Northwell Holdings. "We already see rising demand for this technology in treatment, clinical research, telehealth applications and more. To promote the careful development of these potentially transformative technologies, we are excited to launch our partnership with Hume AI through an investment that reflects our confidence in Dr. Alan Cowen and his groundbreaking team."

Hume AI builds its models using new peer-reviewed scientific research and algorithms designed to minimize bias. Previous technologies for understanding nonverbal expression have focused on the expression of six emotions—happiness, sadness, anger, disgust, fear, and surprise—based on established psychological models. Scientific research published in leading journals by Hume AI's founder and CEO Dr. Alan Cowen, Chief Scientific Advisor Dr. Dacher Keltner, and colleagues has given rise to a more nuanced theory of human expressive behavior. Known as semantic space theory, this work documents how expressions involve complex patterns in language, speech prosody, nonverbal vocalizations like sighs and chuckles, and movement in more than 30 facial muscles. To translate this research into effective machine learning models, Cowen and his team have collected new experimental data from around the world that allow them to characterize the nuances of expressive communication within and across cultures with less bias and more precision.

"In recent years, there have been major scientific advances in our understanding of expressive communication," Cowen said. "For the first time, we can equip researchers and practitioners in the healthcare space with objective, nuanced, and multidimensional measures of human expression. We are deeply grateful to Northwell Holdings for recognizing the extraordinary potential of this new technology to improve people's lives and address health inequities. Our partnership will support translational researchers studying how expressive signals relate to mood, mental health, and pain in neuropsychiatric disorders, as well as customers developing new interventions to restore emotional intonation to speech aids, annotate emotional context, and guide empathic behavior."

For more information on Hume AI, click here.

About Hume AI 

Hume AI is a leading expressive communication research lab and startup with a mission of aligning technology with human well-being. Based on scientific research that reveals a broader spectrum of expressive behavior than previously known, Hume AI offers the world's most accurate and comprehensive tools for understanding nonverbal expression, including speech prosody, vocalizations like sighs, and facial expressions. Led by founder and CEO Dr. Alan Cowen, an established expert in the field of affective science, Hume AI develops its models using new scientific research that it conducts and regularly publishes in leading journals. The company provides its datasets and models through a unified API platform. Learn more about Hume AI at www.hume.ai and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Northwell Holdings

Northwell Holdings ("Holdings"), a fully owned, for-profit subsidiary of Northwell Health, creates value for the health system by investing in early-stage companies, establishing commercial joint ventures, cultivating internally-developed ideas and bringing them to market, and advancing data partnerships that drive innovation in patient care, health diagnostics, and deep technology. We invest in companies that are aligned with Northwell's mission, promote better health outcomes, improve patient experience, and increase efficiencies in care delivery and services. Through strategic partnerships, Holdings leverages the health system's robust enterprise data assets to develop AI-enabled solutions that address healthcare inequities. We combine Northwell Health's clinical and healthcare business expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to bring concepts to life. Northwell Health is New York's largest healthcare system. To learn more, visit us here and follow us on LinkedIn.

Source: Hume AI

How Healthcare Providers Can Improve Patient Experiences With RPA, AI And Digital Workflows

University of Maryland School of Pharmacy Taps Komodo Health Platform To Power Real-World Evidence Research

Today, Komodo Health announced a new partnership with the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy (UMSOP), providing its researchers and clinicians with access to Komodo’s technology platform and patient-level insights for a variety of population health research initiatives. “As we study the impacts of the pandemic on disease detection and preventive care, Komodo’s platform offers a window into patient-level insights that are not typically accessible for health outcomes research,” said Joey Mattingly, PharmD, MBA, PhD, associate professor at UMSOP. “By engaging in robust, multidisciplinary research, the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy is helping to deepen the industry’s understanding of social determinants of health and outcomes, including the pandemic’s ripple effects across the health system,” said Arif Nathoo, CEO and Co-Founder, Komodo Health. “We’re proud to support the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy in advancing research that could help inform public health policy, drive new strategies for disease management, and support the broader scientific community in understanding and addressing disparities in care to make a meaningful difference for the entire population.” In contrast to legacy health datasets and aggregators, Komodo’s platform offers access to unique, nuanced insights on patient outcomes, including clinical biomarkers and laboratory tests, patient-reported outcomes, and symptom scales, that will enable the UMSOP team to expand its research and, in turn, deepen education for the next generation of healthcare professionals.

Healthcare Executives Plot a Path Forward With Digital Health Transformation

These 23 health systems laid off employees 'to keep the lights on' in 2022

Amid "some of the worst" margins since the beginning of the pandemic, many hospitals and health systems around the United States have been forced to lay off workers, limit services, and even shut down, Dave Muoio writes for Fierce Healthcare. While some hospital layoffs have been the result of facility closures, others have been coupled with a promise to help some employees transition to other roles within the health system. According to the health system, the layoffs included directors, managers, and staffing coordinators, and they were encouraged to apply to one of 2,000 open positions within the organization. Bozeman Health Deaconess in early August cut 28 leadership and leadership support staff positions and closed 25 job openings, citing pandemic-induced economic challenges. Commonwealth Health announced that it will close its First Hospital psychiatric center and other outpatient locations at the end of October a move that will result in the termination of 245 employees. According to a notice filed with New York, Garnet Health on Nov. 9 will close five outpatient sites, which will result in 29 layoffs. In May, St. Charles Health System announced 105 layoffs and closed 76 job openings, with the health system's CEO citing expense increases, reduced surgery volumes, and relief paybacks that will lead the organization to "likely end 2022 in the red," adding that the reductions were necessary "to ensure the long-term financial stability of the health system." 14 notice, St. Vincent Charity Medical Center announced its transition from an acute care hospital to an ambulatory health services center—a move that will eliminate 978 positions, effective Nov. 15. In September, Yale New Haven Health laid off 72 junior and senior management employees and closed 83 job openings.

Virtual Reality Making Its Way Into Surgical Training

For instance, several years ago, the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) in New York started working with a company called Osso VR, which offers a surgical training and assessment platform to help residents and fellows practice surgical techniques. “If you ask a physician if they think that they have been adequately tested, they'll say yes,” Ast said. So I don't think it is a controversial thing to say we don't have a standardized way to assess surgical proficiency.” He says there are two main problems with training in-practice surgeons on a new technique or device. Osso VR seeks to solve that problem by offering on-demand, immersive modules that allow surgical teams to train in a virtual environment before ever stepping foot into a real operating room. Medical device companies also use Osso VR to introduce new techniques or devices.

Because HHS is the one of the oldest and one of the most structured of all of the residencies, Ast says, it is built to take on something new and see if it works, and it has a lot of surgeons in one building. Vanderbilt's orthopedic residency program teamed up Osso VR to educate and train residents on how to perform a range of surgical procedures. Pediatric orthopedic surgeon Justin Barad, M.D., Osso’s CEO and co-founder, said Osso VR has done studies with a variety of academic medical centers, including a study at UCLA involving 20 trainees. Ten were trained in Osso VR to a set level of proficiency, and 10 were trained traditionally. The group that was trained with Osso VR performed 10 points better on an objective structured assessment of technical skill, he said. “So it is 10 times harder to learn, yet the way that we've been training is around the same,” he said. “The emphasis of Osso right now is on the early career surgeon and we are working mainly with the medical device companies such as Johnson & Johnson and Stryker, but we also have about 20 residency programs where Osso is used,” Barad said.

Abbott, CamDiab And Ypsomed Unveil New Automated Insulin Delivery Partnership For People With Diabetes

BARCELONA, Spain, April 27, 2022 — Abbott, CamDiab and Ypsomed today announced that they are partnering to develop and commercialise an integrated automated insulin delivery (AID) system to help lessen the burden of round-the-clock diabetes management for people with diabetes. The initial focus of the partnership will be in European countries.

The new integrated AID system is being designed to connect Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre® 3 sensor, the world’s smallest1 and most accurate2,3 continuous glucose monitoring sensor with readings every minute, to CamDiab’s CamAPS FX mobile app, which connects with Ypsomed’s mylifeTM YpsoPump® – creating a smart, automated process to deliver insulin based on real-time glucose data. The connected, smart wearable solution is designed to continuously monitor a person’s glucose levels and automatically adjust and deliver the right amount of insulin at the right time, removing the guesswork of insulin dosing.

"Our goal is to make diabetes care as easy as possible, which is why Abbott continues to expand its team of insulin delivery partners, digital coaching and technology leaders," said Jared Watkin, senior vice president of Abbott’s diabetes care business. "We want to deliver new advanced solutions that simplify and make it possible for people to spend less time thinking about diabetes and more time living."

"Poor glucose control leads to an increased risk of diabetes complications such as blindness, and heart and kidney disease. We want to help people with diabetes better manage their glucose through advanced technology. Our CamAPS FX, already approved in Europe, is a highly adaptive algorithm that when integrated with Abbott’s sensor is being designed to communicate with Ypsomed’s insulin pump to provide the optimal insulin dose, lifting the burden of managing a condition that is relentlessly unpredictable day and night," said Roman Hovorka, director of CamDiab Ltd.

"We are convinced that major challenges of society can only be addressed through partnerships. We are therefore proud to expand our partners and connectivity to offer more freedom of choice in managing diabetes. When combined our mylife™ YpsoPump® with the FreeStyle Libre 3 system and CamAPS FX advanced adaptive hybrid closed-loop app, we will be able to deliver an additional compact and lightweight AID system that is discreet and simple to use," said Simon Michel, chief executive officer of Ypsomed.

The companies intend to complete development by end of 2022 with commercial availability expected thereafter.

About Abbott
Abbott is a global healthcare leader that helps people live more fully at all stages of life. Our portfolio of life-changing technologies spans the spectrum of healthcare, with leading businesses and products in diagnostics, medical devices, nutritionals and branded generic medicines. Our 113,000 colleagues serve people in more than 160 countries.

Connect with us at www.abbott.co.uk, on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/company/abbott-/, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Abbott and on Twitter @AbbottNews.

About CamDiab
CamDiab Ltd is a digital health and personalized medicine company focused on the design, development, and commercialization of its world leading, interoperable CamAPS FX closed loop app. The CamAPS FX is designed to use adaptive, self-learning control algorithm, linked to a compatible continuous glucose monitoring device and a compatible insulin pump, to autonomously compute and direct insulin delivery to maintain tight glycaemic control. Since its founding in 2019, its mission has been to help people with type 1 diabetes and their families live better lives. For further information, visit www.camdiab.com or follow CamDiab Ltd and its products on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter @CamAPS_FX.

About Ypsomed
Ypsomed is the leading developer and manufacturer of injection and infusion systems for self-medication and a renowned diabetes specialist with over 35 years’ experience. As a leader in innovation and technology, it is a preferred partner of pharmaceutical and biotech companies for pens, autoinjectors, pump systems and software solutions for administering liquid medications. Ypsomed presents and markets its product portfolios under the umbrella brands mylifeTM Diabetescare directly to patients or via pharmacies and hospitals as well as under YDSTM Ypsomed Delivery Systems in business-to-business operations with pharmaceutical companies. The company is headquartered in Burgdorf, Switzerland, and has a global network of production facilities, subsidiaries and distribution partners employing a staff of around 1,900 employees worldwide. www.ypsomed.com

Abbott Media: 

Becky Hess +44(0)7748920076
Fiona Lloyd +44(0)7780955718

Cutting Edge Medical Devices Offer Innovative Options for Diabetics

 /PRNewswire/ -- In the modern technologically-driven healthcare landscape, the business model of medical device companies has evolved from device makers to problem solvers. In effect, medical device manufacturers are now leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) and the cloud to improve clinical workflow, help physicians remotely monitor patients with real-time data and analytics solutions and utilize innovative processes to cut costs and improve outcomes. For instance, novel wearable monitoring devices, equipped with the IoT technology, can communicate with smartphones, transferring crucial data to right to user friendly applications. Moreover, there has been an increasing focus on the development of smaller, more reliable, and more energy-efficient devices in recent years. Overall, the global wearable medical device market size is expected to reach USD 29.6 Billion by 2026 and register a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 17.7%, according to Transparency Market Research. Nemaura Medical Inc. (NASDAQ: NMRD), DexCom, Inc. (NASDAQ: DXCM), Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc. (NASDAQ: TNDM), Insulet Corporation (NASDAQ: PODD), Abbott Laboratories ( NYSE: ABT)

Blood glucose monitoring devices (BGM) take up a major portion of the market. These devices are available in a multitude of sizes as well as testing times, enabling patients and clinicians to detect high or low blood glucose levels, allowing for therapy modifications and protecting patients by confirming acute hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia promptly as well as offering patients broader self-care. The technology facilitates patient education about diabetes and its management and encourages people to adopt healthier habits. Furthermore, the increasing geriatric population is propelling market growth. According to the WHO, by 2050, the world's aging population will swell to about 2 billion from 1 billion in 2020.

Nemaura Medical Inc. (NASDAQ: NMRD) just announced breaking news that, "it has entered into a preliminary agreement with EVERSANA®, a pioneer of next-generation commercial services to the global life sciences industry.

The agreement covers the U.S. and all global sales and marketing of Nemaura's Diabetes Management Solution, BEATdiabetes. The BEATdiabetes program is based on Nemaura's noninvasive glucose monitoring solution, proBEAT. Nemaura and EVERSANA will work together to develop the optimal launch strategy for large-scale adoption of the diabetes management program, including franchising and direct sales to self-insured corporate clients and healthcare insurers.

In early pilot trials conducted over the last 12 months, the BEATdiabetes program yielded overall positive outcomes, demonstrating that sustainable, long-term weight loss and, therefore, improvement in the management of Type 2 diabetes is achievable. Incumbents in the space have also demonstrated clinically significant outcomes when such diabetes management programs are used in conjunction with continuous glucose monitors. Nemaura, however, has the advantage of its own proprietary noninvasive sensor technology which significantly reduces sensor costs, as the sensors are only worn a few days each month.

EVERSANA is widely regarded as the leader in digital therapeutic commercialization. Across the life sciences industry, the fully integrated commercialization provider works with more than 670 organizations, including innovative start-ups and established pharmaceutical companies.

Dr. Faz Chowdhury, Nemaura Medical's Chief Executive Officer, stated, "We are excited to be working with EVERSANA to bring our diabetes management solution to market. This is a culmination of several months of negotiations with EVERSANA following the encouraging outcome of the pilot studies. Diabetes management is an area of huge unmet need, and we anticipate that our solution will be very easy, simple to administer, and highly cost-effective, all elements supporting large-scale adoption."

Jim Lang, Chief Executive Officer of EVERSANA, added, "Nemaura's innovative programs and sensor technology potentially represent a major change in the way in which diabetes is addressed and how patients may be supported. We look forward to leveraging our full suite of commercialization services to support a successful U.S. launch."

DexCom, Inc. (NASDAQ: DXCM) announced on August 1st, the availability of the easy to use Dexcom ONE rt-CGM System on prescription via the NHS England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland drug tariff to everyone with type 1 or type 2 diabetes using insulin. This marks the first time a rt-CGM, with no scanning and no finger pricks†, will be available to people with diabetes at the pharmacy level. Karen Baxter, Vice President, UK & Ireland, Benelux, France and Spain at Dexcom: "The addition of Dexcom ONE to the NHS England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland drug tariff is enormous progress towards improving choice of diabetes tech, providing an alternative to burdensome finger pricks and scanning. We are incredibly proud of the diabetes community and are working hard to make it easier for them to access the best technology possible to manage their diabetes. As a next step, we will be working closely with healthcare professionals to ensure the diabetes community can benefit as quickly as possible from reimbursement and wider availability of Dexcom CGM."

Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc. (NASDAQ: TNDM), announced on July 21st, its acquisition of infusion set developer, Capillary Biomedical. "Infusion sets provide people flexible options in insulin pump wearability, and we are dedicated to expanding our portfolio of sets to offer our customers even greater choice in personalizing their therapy management system," said John Sheridan, Tandem Diabetes Care president and chief executive officer. "Through this acquisition, and through our efforts with existing infusion set partners, we look forward to developing new and innovative infusion set solutions that are designed to extend wear time and enhance user experience, while reducing occlusions, body burden and waste."

Insulet Corporation (NASDAQ: PODD) announced on September 20th, it has received CE marking under the European Medical Device Regulation for its Omnipod 5 Automated Insulin Delivery System (Omnipod 5) for individuals aged two years and older with type 1 diabetes. "There is tremendous enthusiasm for Omnipod 5 from the global diabetes community, and we are thrilled to have achieved this latest milestone," said Jim Hollingshead, President and CEO of Insulet. "With Omnipod 5, customers can enjoy the lifestyle benefits of a tubeless, wearable innovation and achieve positive clinical outcomes while managing their diabetes."

Abbott Laboratories ( NYSE: ABT) announced on September 20th, new data from the Real World Evidence of FreeStyle Libre (RELIEF) study showing the use of FreeStyle Libre, a continuous glucose monitoring system (CGM) significantly reduced the rate of hospitalizations due to acute diabetes events (ADEs) for people living with Type 2 diabetes on once-daily (basal) insulin therapy.1 These findings were published in the Journal of Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics and presented at the 58th Annual European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) meeting. "The results of the RELIEF study highlight the value of FreeStyle Libre system in reducing serious diabetes-related events and hospitalizations among patients with Type 2 diabetes on basal-only therapy," says Professor Jean-Pierre Riveline, Centre Universitaire du Diabète et de ses Complications, Hôpital Lariboisière. "The reductions are similar to the results seen among the larger cohort of people with Type 2 diabetes who were receiving multiple daily injections, suggesting that FreeStyle Libre technology therapy should be proposed as part of individualized care for patients with Type 2 diabetes on basal-only insulin, not just people on intensive insulin therapy."

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Ordr Improves Visibility, Security and Management of Connected Devices From Ground To Cloud

Ordr, the leader in connected device security, today announced new capabilities and enhancements to its AI-powered platform to help organizations discover, gain essential context, and secure their connected devices everywhere. New integrations expand the more than 80 integrations within the Ordr Data Lake, to empower organizations with a single source of truth about connected devices and assets in their on-prem, remote, data center, private, public, and hybrid cloud environments. In addition, enhancements have been made to Ordr's automated segmentation capabilities that help organizations accelerate and scale adoption of a true Zero Trust security posture to protect every connected device. Ordr announced enhancements to help organizations discover, gain essential context, and secure their connected devices. The new integrations are a good leading indicator of challenges organizations face, and Ordr is defining how connected device security needs to continue to evolve." Ordr Data Lake enrichment - Integrate with more than 80 tools across the IT infrastructure to gather and enrich connected device details, establishing a single source of truth.

CrowdStrike - See every managed connected device, identify unmanaged devices, and know more about device vulnerabilities and risk, combining Ordr insights with CrowdStrike security data. Organizations have struggled to achieve a true Zero Trust security posture because they lack insights needed to understand their connected devices and create appropriate security policies. To truly achieve Zero Trust, organizations need deep visibility into connected devices – to understand how and what they're communicating with – in order to to define, manage, and enforce segmentation. "Ordr provides the visibility and context into all connected devices to advance our segmentation journey with Cisco ISE," said Shawn Fletcher, Senior Systems Administrator, St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton. The feature enhancements in Ordr 8.1 will further simplify and optimize how we create and enforce segmentation policies for every connected device," said Larry Smith, Manager, Cybersecurity Architecture and Engineering, El Camino Health. For more information about how Ordr can help security and IT teams deliver visibility and security for their connected devices, from ground to cloud. Ordr Systems Control Engine uses deep packet inspection and advanced machine learning to discover every device, profile its risk and behavior, map all communications and protect it with automated policies.

Hazelden Betty Ford Taps Oracle Cerner and Xealth to Simplify Access to Addiction Treatment and Recovery Content

Published on August 11, 2022

New tech helps leading addiction and mental healthcare provider get patients the resources they need throughout the healing and recovery process

The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is simplifying the distribution of addiction treatment and recovery support content with the Oracle Cerner electronic health record (EHR) and Xealth’s digital therapeutic distribution platform. The new system makes it easier for Hazelden Betty Ford clinicians to personalize care for their patients by assigning them digital content, including therapeutic education, exercises, and workshops, accessible via the EHR’s patient portal. The new central repository for patients will be accessible during in-person or online treatment and at later touchpoints throughout their long-term recovery process.

Hazelden Betty Ford, a longtime Oracle Cerner client, is the nation's largest nonprofit system of addiction treatment, mental health care, recovery resources and related prevention and education services.

“We are committed to personalized care and empowering our patients with accessible, relevant resources at every stage of recovery,” said Deb Bauman, chief information officer and vice president of technology services at Hazelden Betty Ford, “Digital health content is a critical component of our care and support, and our collaboration with Oracle Cerner and Xealth is helping us get the right content to the right patients at the right time.”

In December 2020, Oracle Cerner and Xealth began working together to help health care providers better leverage online content to serve their patients. Caregivers at Hazelden Betty Ford will now have the ability to assign therapeutic content from within their EHR workflow in response to individual patient situations and in anticipation of individual patient needs. In addition, care teams will gain insights into how patients are engaging with the content and how well each is performing via analytics organized in an intuitive dashboard and custom reporting. They can also edit existing content and launch new content as needed.

“Digital health is proving to reshape patient care and helps enable caregivers to create more engaging and effective patient experiences,” said Bob Kopanic, Oracle Cerner senior vice president of North American client relationships. “This integration makes it easier for clinical staff to do their most important work - caring for their patients. We’re pleased to help make it easier for Hazelden Betty Ford caregivers to meet patients where they are with digital health content that is easy to access and consume when and where they’d like to.”

“Hazelden Betty Ford is a world-renowned force of healing and hope for individuals and families affected by the complex challenges of addiction and mental health concerns,” said Mike McSherry, CEO and co-founder of Xealth. “We welcome the opportunity to help deepen the connection between patients and care teams by simplifying the process of bringing digital resources to people when and how they need them, getting more patients engaged and enabling more personalized, meaningful care.”

A client since 2015, Hazelden Betty Ford uses a variety of Oracle Cerner technology to enhance the clinician and patient experience.

About the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is a force of healing and hope for individuals, families and communities affected by addiction to alcohol and other drugs. As the nation's leading nonprofit provider of comprehensive inpatient and outpatient addiction and mental health care for adults and youth, the Foundation has treatment centers and telehealth services nationwide as well as a network of collaborators throughout health care. Through charitable support and a commitment to innovation, the Foundation is able to continually enhance care, research, programs and services, and help more people. With a legacy that began in 1949 and includes the 1982 founding of the Betty Ford Center, the Foundation today is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion in its services and throughout the organization, which also encompasses a graduate school of addiction studies, a publishing division, an addiction research center, recovery advocacy and thought leadership, professional and medical education programs, school-based prevention resources and a specialized program for children who grow up in families with addiction. Learn more at HazeldenBettyFord.org and on Twitter.

About Oracle Cerner

Oracle Cerner’s health technologies connect people and information systems at thousands of contracted provider facilities worldwide dedicated to creating smarter and better care for individuals and communities. Recognized globally for innovation, Oracle Cerner assists clinicians in making care decisions and assists organizations in managing the health of their populations. The company also offers a connected clinical and financial ecosystem to help manage day-to-day revenue functions, as well as a wide range of services to support clinical, financial, and operational needs, focused on people. For more information, visit Cerner.com, Oracle Cerner Perspectives, connect on FacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitter or join the discussion on Oracle Cerner’s podcast Perspectives on Health & Tech.

About Xealth

Xealth scales digital health programs, enabling clinicians to integrate, prescribe and monitor digital health tools for patients to drive engagement and utilization. Through the secure Xealth platform, clinicians can find and order the right digital health tools and programs for patients direct from the EHR workflow, send these digital health orders to the patient’s email or patient portal, and then monitor activity. Xealth spun out of Providence St. Joseph Health (PSJH) in 2017, and investors include Atrium Health, Cleveland Clinic, MemorialCare Innovation Fund, Cerner, McKesson Ventures, Novartis, Philips, and ResMed as well as Providence Ventures, UPMC and the Froedtert and Medical College of Wisconsin Health Network. For more information, visit www.xealth.comor follow us on LinkedInorTwitter.

Estonian university hospital enables cardiac heart disease rehabilitation remotely with the BuddyCare platform

Tartu University Hospital, the largest healthcare provider in Estonia, offers its cardiac heart disease patients remote rehabilitation support and services through an innovative pilot project. The project aims to improve remote rehabilitation services for cardiac heart disease patients.

The Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation clinic's rehabilitation guidance and education for heart disease patients are now digitised and timed through Buddy Healthcare's mobile application. Patient forms and questionnaire collection are also digitised, and patients receive automated reminders on their mobile devices asking them to complete tasks or just reminding them of an appointment. Simultaneously, the clinic's care team monitors the patients' treatment process remotely.

Cardiac heart disease patients can participate in the rehabilitation program mostly remotely

According to Dr. Rein Kuik, the Head of the Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic, the project is aimed at heart disease patients who need outpatient rehabilitation."The current and traditional rehabilitation process for cardiac heart disease patients requires patients to visit the clinic frequently for nearly three month’s time. With the new ongoing project that offers a digital care pathway, patients can participate in the rehabilitation program mostly remotely.", says Dr. Kuik. 

He explained that this new remote rehabilitation care process offers patients remote services with some hospital visits for a patient for 12 weeks." We believe that the innovation project will lead to better rehabilitation of patients and improve the availability of the services in general," the head of the clinic added.

How does a patient join the remote rehabilitation program?

In addition to the rehabilitation doctor, physiotherapist, psychologist and nutritionist, the project's treatment team also includes a nurse case manager. The nurse case manager contacts the outpatient rehabilitation patients within 1-2 weeks after discharge and offers patients the remote and digital care pathway. 

Suppose a patient decides to join a remote rehabilitation program. In that case, the patient receives the required equipment, such as a Polar heart rate meter and a smartphone with Buddy Healthcare's mobile application, which allows the patient to participate in the program mostly remotely. The care team can monitor the patients' activities remotely from their dashboard.

The patient receives timed, automated education meanwhile care team monitors progress from their interface

Patients participating in a remote rehabilitation program have 24/7 access to all care-related materials and rehabilitation videos in the app. The educational materials included in the mobile app inform the patients about their health condition, and its risk factors like smoking and being overweight, and provide insights about topics like mental health, nutrition, physical activity, how to stay on track and the rehabilitation training program. Patients can easily complete the required forms and questionnaires from home or on the go through the app. The app guides and reminds patients about upcoming tasks automatically, and the patient is always aware of what are the next steps in the rehabilitation care pathway or which tasks need to be completed. Patients and care teams can use secure two-way messaging through the platform if there are any questions. 

Through Buddy Healthcare’s platform and clinical dashboard, the care team can monitor the patients' rehabilitation progress remotely. According to the nurse case manager of the outpatient rehabilitation department, Svetlana Berjozova, the patient who uses the app is regularly monitored throughout the nearly three-month rehabilitation program. If necessary, the patient is contacted and information is shared or passed on to other rehabilitation team members.

Feedback from the patients and the need for patient reminders

The program that offers the remote and digital rehabilitation care pathway to cardiac disease patients was launched in mid-May. As of now, the feedback from patients has been very positive. Nearly 85% of the patients who have participated so far have rated their treatment journey as smooth or very smooth, and the patient materials delivered through the app have been very useful.

“Experience has shown us that patients need an additional reminder to manage to remember their tasks and appointments. The information provided when leaving the hospital tends to be forgotten or needs to be repeated" described Svetlana Berjozova. She added that several patients have also been pleased to have a chance to go through the rehabilitation program remotely. "Patients can do supervised workouts whenever and wherever they wish while simultaneously receiving advice, support, and feedback."

Remote rehabilitation increases the availability of the services

The ongoing remote rehabilitation program makes the rehabilitation services available for those patients who have not been able to participate in the program due to work, place of residence, or other reasons, as the program requires patients to visit the clinic 2 to 3 times a week for almost 12 weeks. "This project gives us answers on how to make the current system of rehabilitation treatment for heart patients and the entire treatment journey more efficient for patients, healthcare professionals and the organisation providing healthcare services," said Dr. Rein Kuik, head of the Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic.

The innovation project is funded by the Development Fund of the Tartu University Hospital, and if successful, the introduction of a remote service model for other patients with chronic diseases and in need of continuous and long-term rehabilitation treatment can be considered.

This story is mostly based on Tartu University Hospital’s press release, which is available here in Estonian.


Digital nursing 3: nursing leadership in digital technology

The need for nursing leadership in digital is clear. A contributor to the RCN’s (2018) consultation on the digital future of nursing called for nurses to step up and take leadership of digital systems: “We need nurses to lead and make decisions… Too often it is realised after money has been spent that it’s been on the wrong things.” The RCN’s (2018) report showed that even well-established digital nursing posts were vulnerable to downgrading or axing, as one former nursing leader revealed: “I was the clinical lead for informatics at a senior-nurse level for two years. It would be wrong to assume that the progress achieved in response to the Covid-19 pandemic means senior nurse leaders in digital are now valued appropriately. To date, nurses with an interest in digital have found their way to leadership roles by various routes and with no requirement for an informatics qualification. NHS England’s (2022) guidance for nursing on the What Good Looks Like (WGLL) framework for digital transformation, aimed at board-level nurse leaders, details the essential ingredients for success in integrated care systems and organisations, including ensuring there is a digital nurse leader with accountability across the nursing workforce, who has the digital expertise and time to lead transformation.

Dr Phillips, in partnership with Health Education England (HEE), is undertaking a review of the skills and support nurses and midwives need to practise and lead a digitally enabled health and care system. The Phillips Ives Nursing and Midwifery Review, led by Dr Phillips and Dr Jeanette Ives Erickson, builds on HEE’s (2019) Topol Review of the impact of digital technologies on the future NHS workforce. Support and protection for nursing leadership in data, information, knowledge and technology is key to unlocking the benefits of digital in healthcare (RCN, 2018). The clinical lead at NHS Digital, who is also a nurse, spelled out why seniority matters: “Without digital leaders in senior positions, there is a danger that digital strategies won’t truly address the requirements of digital transformation – it is about so much more than the technology. Dr Phillips has spoken of the need to build clinical leadership “from top to bottom” and has said one of her key ambitions is to “create a community that can support each other” in digital nursing (Ford, 2020).

To develop many more digital leaders, the NHS Digital Academy is expanding its flagship Digital Health Leadership Programme (aimed at the most senior leaders such as CNIOs, chief information officers and CCIOs) and providing new support for aspiring leaders at a less-senior level (HEE, ndb). Much of the literature on nurse leaders in digital has emphasised the need for nurses to retain their professional identity and remain rooted in nursing priorities (RCN, 2018). The move to professionalise digital nursing, heralded by England’s chief national CNIO, means that leaders in the near future should have a firm grounding in specialist informatics and be valued for this expertise. Leading digital transformation is complex, so nurses should not be expected to take on these roles without specialist training and recognition. Nurses at all levels were essential to the digital progress achieved during the Covid-19 pandemic; they will need support to build on that progress, guard against the risks and unlock the benefits of the digital age.